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Alphabet & Accidental Cards

Alphabet & Accidental Printable Cards – Practice steps/skips and scales with students using these cards.
Check out this blog post on the alphabet & accidental cards. 

Small Alphabet Cards – Use to help students name the white keys on the piano.
Here is a blog post about using the alphabet cards. 

Rhythm Cards – Coordinates with Piano Safari Level 1. Notes include quarter, half, dotted half, whole, fourth eighths, and two eighths. Rests include quarter, half, and whole.
Read more about how I printed and laminated the rhythm cards. 

Note Values Chart – A great visual for students to see the value of each note. The chart can be printed and made into cards. Read more here.
Note Values Chart (black & white)
Note Values Chart (colored)

Shake & Tap – Students roll dice and then tap the corresponding rhythm. Read here about the different levels and how I use the pages in a private or group setting.
Shake & Tap 1            Shake & Tap 2

Piano Safari

piano safari techniqueAnimal Technique Exercises (shown on left)
Free PDF of Piano Safari animal exercises to hang in your studio. 8 pages.

Treble and Bass Clef Worksheet 
Color each treble clef red and each bass clef blue.

Landmark Notes Worksheet
Color treble clef G red and bass clef C blue.

Color Chartteaching music with colors
Use consistent coloring in your teaching.

Available for Purchase:
The Grand Staff Note Speller coordinates with Level 2 of Piano Safari.

Theory Worksheets

Multikey Worksheet (Group 1 & 2 Keys) – Worksheet covering Group 1 and 2 Keys (C, G, F, D, A, E)

Naming Notes (C five-finger position) – Worksheet on naming treble and bass clef notes in C five-finger position.

Rhythm Worksheets

6/8 3/4 Time Signatures – Worksheet to determine whether a rhythmic patterns are 6/8 or 3/4.


april challenge copy

1 Month Challenge for students – Blog post here

April Challenge (Word document)

April Challenge (PDF)