Piano Lessons for Children & Teens

group piano lessons

Group Piano Lessons

Group piano lessons are given in the keyboard lab where each student plays on a full-size keyboard. There are usually four to six students in a class. Group lessons are a fun way for students to explore learning the piano with friends. Group lessons are available for both beginners and current students. 

Current Offerings

Private Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons are available for students starting at the age of five. Private lessons allow for the teacher to tailor each lesson to the student’s individual needs and goals. In each lesson, students learn music theory, rhythm, proper technique, and reading skills. Students may learn a variety of styles such as classical, pop, and holiday.

During the school year, private lessons for children and teens are scheduled at the same day and time each week. During the summer, private lessons are available to book individually. Students may sign up for a 30, 45, or 60-minute lesson. Most beginners start with a 30-minute weekly lesson. Please contact the studio for tuition information and current openings.

Partner Piano Lessons

Partner lessons are available for two students of similar age and level. Partner lessons offer a blend of private and group instruction. Learning together is extremely motivating for students. Partner lessons are given weekly for 45-minutes.

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