Last year, I made the transition from teaching both at home and for a community music school to running my own studio. While I wasn’t quite ready to add a keyboard lab during the first year at my studio, I still found ways to add occasional group classes without a keyboard lab. As my business continues to grow though, I finally decided that it’s time for a keyboard lab! I plan to offer an ensemble group class this summer and a class for beginners. It took me several months to finally decide which keyboards to get. I eventually settled on the Casio CDP-130. The keyboard has 88 weighted keys, midi connectivity, and a USB port. I’ve started with just four keyboards, but plan to add more keyboards if the group classes are a success. I also plan to add a TV mounted on the wall so that I can display music and games form my iPad.

I arranged the keyboards in the waiting room at my studio. It wasn’t my first choice to put them there, because parents really enjoy relaxing there during lessons. Luckily, I do have another area where parents can wait during the group classes.

Here is a before picture of the waiting room at my studio:
keyboard lab 2

Here is an after photo with the keyboards.

keyboard lab

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about adding keyboards to your studio. I think it’s possible even in home studios to add a few keyboards so that you can offer group classes. It’s a great way to increase your income!